Shield Ministry Director:

Sara Watson

The Shield Ministry was started in November 2016. We began with a desire to cover the officers of our county with prayer. We understand the scrutiny that many officers have faced in modern America. It is truly a difficult time to serve. This burden and vision from the Lord left us with a motto for this ministry, "Shielding in Prayer Those Who Protect and Serve!" We are currently working with the Sheriff's Department at this present time, but we hope to be able to expand this ministry going into the future. Each sponsor is given an officer. Some have chosen to sponsor as many as 3 officers. Each month the sponsors have sent out letters of encouragement, gift cards, and even baked goods! Our desire is to partner with as many officers as possible, and bring our community together once again. Hey, you can even help make this possible by sponsoring an officer of your own! If you are interested in this, please click the link below. God bless you and may God continue to protect our officers!


It's really not about's all about Jesus!




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